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Right's back

Re: RE: Helping... (voting mutiple times) (Mr. Right) map

RE: Helping... (voting mutiple times) pic

A vote for wolf is a vote for obama... (Mr. Right) map

You heard it here (day after election day) pic

Support the modern day republican (how can one?) (Easy decision )

I don't care what Wolf is (A Independent)


Support the modern day republican (how can one?)

ignore it

Re: Pitts..Eew Johnny Its Cold Out! (Johnny (Outstandingly) Awesome) pic map

Re: Obama is a Republican ....If that is true (Johnny (Always) Awesome) pic map

Globola pic

Obama is a Republican

More on Fox

Only Fox News... (Barrack Obama)

The progressives Have become so visibly evil (That I'm wearing Depends)

Helping people? (You're causing the oceans to rise!)

The Republican Party has become so terrible that (A Independent)

Helping People pic

Books Donations Needed (Stowe Twp. Mckees Rocks) map

re: post your logs (Johnny got smacked down)

Re: Go back to XBox -- I'm really not Pitts... Honest (Johnny (Bwahahaha) Awesome) map

Go back to XBox Live Johnny pic

Gas wells already feeling the democrat pinch

Re: Don't buy Corbett's lies --- Hell, the Wolf in Sheeps cloths worse (Johnny Awesome) map

Pitts...Don't know sports (Johnny (Been Flagged) Awesome) pic map

Re: JOHNNY BOY (Johnny Awesome) map

Johnny STILL Never Did Tell Us pic

Don't buy Corbett's lies pic

Re: Johnny Never Did Tell Us (Pitts..Johnny Gratuated! LOL) (Johnny (Spell Check) Awesome) pic map

re: Johnny Never Did Tell Us (Pitts..Johnny Gratuated! LOL) (dumb pittsboar ) pic map


God help us, it's too late for dems to wake up

Johnny Never Did Tell Us (Pitts..Johnny Gratuated! LOL) pic map

re Johnny knows the truth ((pitts...knows it too) map

Re: YOU SEE JOHNNY IS A SPECIAL KINDA GUY (Johnny (Special Guy) Awesome) map

Johnny knows the truth ((pitts...knows it too)

Johnny Knows No Difference (Pitts..Once Again Johnny Whos Niles?) pic map

hockey last night? (lying again pittsboar!)

Johnny (DUI) Awesome

Johnnies At The Game LMFAO! (Pitts..Johnny Likes Games!) pic map

Containment pic

The Know Nothing Party map


reach for it (Pitts..formerly boar...) pic map

more racist shit (from pittsboar ) pic map

Fade away Pitts, you are a proven liar (Johnny (Amazingly) Awesome) map

Dear: weekends in jail DUI? (Johnny (Always) Awesome) map

Hey Brian, Thanks For The Email Dude! (Pitts..Email From Johnny Kin!) pic map

Priceless, absolutely priceless (you got to see this)

Johnny (I talk about fags a lot) Awesome's back (weekends in jail DUI?)

Re: Will Your Mom Be Posting Soon? (Johnny (Always) Awesome) map

The real reason for ebola

re regional....

To my Liberal Pet Pitts....Johnny's Back! (Johnny (Outstandingly) Awesome) pic map

Re-X 2 "regional attitudes" (I am truly impressed. . .)

re regional attitudes pic

gun control &..... ("regional attitudes")

A Better Choice for Ohio (Ohio) pic

John Oliver, another brit (Who doesn't know. . .)

From what I remember. . . (I generally liked and agreed with Galt)

Re: Reality map

Re Gazillion map

ISIL MAY BE BETTER.... (depending on what your definition of...)

Re-Mr./Mrs/Ms./ his/her/it's/davy/Skippy/MEATHEAD/ PITTSBURGH/ pissyb (what difference does it make?)

Re-"he calls himself reality " (you continue to try. . .)

HOW MUCH IS A GAZILLION? (Just a small percentage. . .)

Mr./Mrs/Ms./ his/her/it's/davy/Skippy/MEATHEAD/ PITTSBURGH/ pissyburgh

A Solution to our little Pittsburgh Problem good for all concerned (Reality)


pitts is a ninja

Butler County District Attorney Richard Goldinger is Useless (Butler Pa) map

Butler City Police are WORTHLESS (Butler Pa) pic map

Re: @Helping People Predictable pic map

Re: @ Unrealistic Expectation map

Get ready people map

anyone can cut and paste....

HELPING PEOPLE (It's so predictable.) pic

re Unrealistic Expectations

It's so predictable

Mr. ACORN back from his time travels (The Present)

Wolf and Unrealistic Visions

Demands pic

Pandemic Panic

What Next, Johnnies Parents? (Pitts..Little Johnny Defenders?) pic map

re Surgeon General/nra/ebola (more puke liberal spin)

re2: Re: Corbetts Desperation (you stink of stupidity sir) pic

Re: Closing Borders (Pounding Acorn Into The Ground) pic map

Vivek Murthy

re orders


re closing borders (gun control mantra)

re closing borders.

How long

re fear and panic

The progressive campaign of fear and panic. . . (Is ongoing.)

closing borders

Pitts.... the Liar map


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